Ep 115 - Say it Ain’t So Bros, Say it Ain’t So.


Well damn. It's an emotional "Byeee" episode on the bye week. This week your Buckeye Brothers get on the mic one last time to discuss the hiatus. Bravers and Deezus answer 10 Burning Questions including why such a sudden move (13:10) ,and why do we have to go, what is our true voice (21:20), did this podcast change us as fans (30:20), what are we going to miss (38:48), what would it take to bring us back (48:20), words for our crew (51:45), love for our fans (56:35), thanks to our families (59:36), and a final message to ourselves (62:24). But don't fret, there is football talk too! Bravers gives his 411 on the conferences and the Bros give 10 Bold Predictions for the remaining Buckeye season.

And then they draw the curtain closed and turn out the lights. . . for now anyway.

Hit Play. Hit Subscribe (Yes, still subscribe). Pass us on. And as always: LET'S GO BUCKS! O-H!!

[Track listing: "Baby Please Don't Go" by AC/DC, "Get The Balance Right" by Depeche Mode, "You're My best Friend" by Queen, "So Sad About Us" by The Who, and "Don't Stop Belevin'" by Journey.]