EP 108 - The Roster


Behold!  Your beloved Buckeye Brothers are BACK, with yet another epic pre-season episode sure to set your pants ablaze for Ohio State's 2016 squad... 

Join in as Bravers and Deezus catch up on burning news, including OSU's theme of 2016, "The Edge" (3:55), landing the AP's #1 All Time CFB ranking (12:55), Buckeyes crushing NFL preseason & the bright lights on Ezekiel Elliott (17:40), huge props (finally) to LeBron James and the Cavs stunning championship run (25:00), and is young Michael Jordan our next Orlando Pace?! (28:45).  Then, our in-depth look at the (probable) starting lineup for YOUR 2016 Ohio State Buckeyes (34:00), the depth chart backing them up, and burning questions about each unit, including our biggest concerns, hopes, and aspirations for this young Buckeye team, and as always, a healthy smattering of trash talk about M*chigan along the way...

Hit Play.  Hit Subscribe.  Pass us on.  

And as always: LET'S GO BUCKS.  O H, baby!!!!!!!!

[Track listing: "Numb" by U2, "Simply the Best" by Tina Turner, 
"Can't Wait One Minute More" by CIV.]