Ep 107 - Summertime Blues


The Best Damn Podcast in the Land is back, but unfortunately, it's with some heavy summertime blues...  

Listen in as your beloved Bravers & Deezus are forced to discuss the ugliness of Brionte Dunn getting kicked off the team, the even worse story of Joe Mixon at Oklahoma (4:16), and the difficult situation surrounding Greg Schiano and Penn State (11:20).  Finally, the boys are able to accentuate the positive as they catch up on personal news, introduce their first sponsor (42:30), and then discuss Ezekiel Elliott, these glory days of recruiting (52:45), the silly preseason rankings, and what the so-called pundits are missing about this Ohio State team (1:03:35).  Tracks featured: "Summertime Blues (live at Leeds version)" by The Who, "Tell the Truth" by Otis Redding, "Ac Cent U Ate the Positive" by Aretha Franklin, and "Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam.  And for god's sake, let's keep loving each other out there!  #Truth #Empathy #Justice #LetsGoBucks  O H!!!